White Aluminum Oxide as Blast Media​

White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media​​ a kind of high-grade abrasives, made from high-quality alumina by melting above 2000 in the electric arc furnace and cooling. White aluminum oxide blast media​​ is an extremely tough material, registering a value of 9.2 on the Mohs scale. This amaterial is used successfully for blasting processes that require great force and speed due to the high hardness. This material is of high purity and is ideal for sanding surfaces that are not allowed to impregnate with other substances during the blasting process.

$700.00$900.00 / MT

White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media​ is a 99.5% ultra-pure grade blasting media. White aluminum oxide blast media​ has a wide variety of applications, including cleaning engine heads, valves, pistons, and turbine blades in the aircraft and automotive industries. White aluminum oxide is also an excellent choice for preparing a hard surface for painting. White aluminum oxide blast media​ contains less than 0.2% free silica and is safer to use than sand. The grit size is consistent and cuts much faster than other sandblasting media, leaving a smoother surface.

Typical Chemical composition

White Aluminum Oxide  Applications

1、variety of blasting and lapping

2、The process of beautifying glass or acrylic

3、The process of blasting TV screens

4、The cutting of silicon wafer

5、The process of cleaning and blasting tooth model

6、Precision sand casting

7、 ceramic additives/wear resistant layer

White Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Benefits
–High Purity with Minimal Contaminants
–Highly Durable and Reusable
–Harder Than Most Blasting Media
–Fast Cutting Action
–Very Heavy to Light Etching on Multiple Types of Surface
–Available in a Wide Variety of Mesh / Grit Sizes
–Lighter Than Metallic Media with a Denser Blast Stream
–Silica Free

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