White fused alumina fine powder for refractory

White Fused Alumina is widely used in the refractory industry as it is a very pure, low iron, high alumina material suitable for a range of applications. Specific refractory applications include high tech refractory castables, isostatic pressed refractories, and pre-cast refractory shapes.

$650.00$700.00 / MT

White Fused Alumina(WFA), also called White Fused Aluminium Oxide, named by its white color, belongs to the electro fused artificial corundum group. White fused alumina is made from excellent Bayer-processed industrial alumina by fusing in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature of 2050degree centigrade-under carefully controlled conditions. It is white in color, a dense mineral, and has predominantly large crystals of Alpha Alumina. It’s an important mineral with chemical and high-temperature stability, great purity, hardness, and fireproof and refractory characters. White fused alumina is one of the most widely used raw materials for so many industrial fields, including refractory, bonded abrasives, and coated abrasives industries.

Physical Index

                                         Color                                   White
                                    Basic Mineral                                    Al2O3
                                    True Density                                 3.96g/cm3
                                    Bulk Density                              1.75-1.95g/cm3
                                  Microhardness                               HV2200-2300
                                  Mohs hardness                                   9.0-10.0
                                   Melting Point                          2500degree centigrade

White Fused Alumina Fine Powder

UsingSpecificationsThe main chemical components %
RefractoryFine powder100#—0≥99.0<0.05<0.05≤0.35
FoundryFine powder200#-0≥99.0≤0.1≤0.1≤0.35
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