Fused white Alox with 99.3% Al2O3

Typical Chemical composition
Typical physical properties
Maximum service temperature:1900 ℃
Melting Point:2250 ℃
Specific Gravity:3.95g/cm3
Volume density3.6g/cm3
Bulk density(LPD):1.75-1.95 g/cm3
Particle shape:Angular
Available size:
FEPAF230 F240 F280 F320 F360 F400 F500 F600 F800 F1000 F1200 F1500
JIS240# 280# 320# 360# 400# 500# 600# 700# 800# 1000# 1200# 1500# 2000# 2500# 3000# 4000# 6000# 8000# 10000#


polishing and lapping for precise polishing

Raw material for Whetstone, oil stone

Wear resistant coating material

Ceramic membrane filters material

Surface Preparation and Finishing:

One of the primary applications of white fused alumina powder lies in surface preparation and finishing. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication rely on this abrasive for tasks like deburring, polishing, and surface cleaning. leaving surfaces impeccably smooth and ready for subsequent treatments such as coating or painting.

Precision Grinding and Cutting:

In precision manufacturing, where accuracy is paramount, white fused alumina powder finds extensive use in grinding and cutting applications. Its hardness and abrasive properties make it an ideal choice for shaping and refining high-precision components in industries ranging from electronics to medical devices.

Bonded Abrasive Tools:

White fused alumina powder serves as a fundamental component in the production of bonded abrasive tools such as grinding wheels, sharpening stones, and abrasive belts. The consistent particle size distribution resulting in abrasive products characterized by superior performance and durability. These tools find widespread usage in metalworking, woodworking, and construction, where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Lapping and Polishing:

Industries requiring high levels of surface flatness and optical clarity, such as semiconductor manufacturing and optical lens production, rely on white fused alumina powder for lapping and polishing purposes. The fine particles facilitate the removal of surface imperfections with exceptional precision, resulting in mirror-like finishes essential for advanced optical and electronic applications.

Refractory and Ceramic Manufacturing:

White fused alumina powder plays a crucial role in the production of refractory materials and advanced ceramics due to its high melting point, thermal stability, and chemical inertness. this abrasive contributes to the formulation of refractory bricks, crucibles, and ceramic substrates, imparting strength and resistance to thermal shock. Its uniform particle size distribution ensures homogeneous mixing, thereby enhancing the properties of the final product.


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